Why aren't teachers like that in real life ?

Here’s a new nice share, thanks to Raikoh :)

Basically, it’s a young female sister loving sex with her stepbrother, as she’s the intellectual type, the things a bit too much during sex. Good fap’n’go drawings , enjoy ! ;)

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I didn’t tag this share as incest, in my mind stepbrother and blood brother are two different things.

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In fact, OK, my summary was a bit too hasty. There’s a real sexual reasoning, but it leads nowhere.

The heroine is unable to reason between her various sexual fantasms. Love for the stepbrother (does that count as incest ?) and him being her only partner, fantasm of being treated as a lesser being, fantasm of groupsexing her students… Conclusion : she’s happy as she is at the present time, but she can’t help overthinking everything.
Hentai philosophy doesn’t fetch very far, heh ? :D
While I’m mentioning philosophy, I can’t resist, I MUST quote you a French writer, Catherine Dufour, who wrote this genious definition of philososphy : ยซ Philosophy, it’s like Russia : it’s vast, it’s beautiful, but it’s full of swamps and Germans have invaded it ยป :lol: