THAT was a loveable manga =)

This is with great pleasure that I’m sharing tonight the complete Koi Koku manga, by Sasagawa Hayashi ! I’m particularly fond of this artist, I consider him one of those exceptional persons that I fully trust to produce awesome stuff :)

How should I say it… hmm, I guess I’ll beat around the bush…
You can expect various things from a hentai manga… Porn pictures to fap to (d’oh), art aesthetically pleasing the eye, opportunities to feel mild or strong emotions (and when these are very strong negative emotions, google the term “catharsis”, that may explain why, after a while, we read again rage NTR hentai despite all warnings), a chance for a good laugh, moments of epicness of all sorts, rare moments of transcendence depending on our personal tastes and experience…
But there’s something else you can sometimes expect. In the very rarest case, it’s possible to expect from a manga the deep, strong emotion, that feeling of being moved to the core by something beautiful and painful in the same time… This moving bittersweet fullfilling happness, I came to simply call “an adult story”, as opposed to just porn. I don’t know if I could convey what I mean with these words, but I hope I convinced some of you to try reading the works by Sasagawa Hayashi :)

That said, in this regard, Koi Koku is a bad example, it’s just a part of the manga that matches this “adult story” pattern, half the rest is happy sex with deepening love, while the rest is rather pointless sex, with sometimes a lot more negative than happy feelings.
Graphically, it’s either young women, MILFs or teen sex, and it’s drawn with good talent, there’s lots of stuff for the eye to enjoy :)

One story inside this volume was already known : Shiawase De Aru You Ni (I Wish You Happiness)
Credits and TONS of thanks are due to Fuwafuwa (formerly known as Hei And Yin, commissioned by Antony), Humpty and Kaya83, and “Good old MIA” Sei-Jin.

english hentai english hentai english hentai

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english hentai english hentai english hentai english hentai