Oh, that girl is precious

Oh boy, I can barely express how happy I was when I saw this translated work, I was almost jumping on my chair :D

The story is simple and relatively original (impossible to summarize it without spoiling you the thin idea serving as an alibi for sex).
And the drawings are just awesome, with James Hotate’s exceptional talent for hentai innocence, that mix of an almost candid face associated with, suddenly, hot talk and extremely arousing body positions and a face that’s turned into that of a sexual predator… (OK, sorry, I’ll keep my cool, gotta breathe, gotta breathe…)

In other words, it’s great dope, dig in ! :D

The artist is named Kogure Mariko, but I’m almost 100% certain this is another pen name for James Hotate, I’d be ready to bet your hand on this. They don’t have the same mugimugi page (here and there), but I’m still convinced James Hotate and Kogure Mariko are one person.

By James Hotate, I also share The Day The Earth Stood Still

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