Excellent news, here is the complete version of Koi No Hana, by Kogure Mariko :)

In Koi No Hana, the world seems to revolve around the incredibly cute and lovely faces of the heroines, with sex coming as a bonus in the second half of each chapter, this is “the James Hotate touch”, and it gives a really, really good feeling :)

Scenario-wise, this is simple stories with happy sex. Graphically, the faces are a gift from Heaven, and the sex is hardcore, this is very good :twisted:

Thanks a LOT to Cannibal, Conan and RaikenTB for the great work ! The version I share is half-uncensored, thanks to H9E this time. I also brought a contribution just because I’m an attention whore (sadly, beyond sarcasm, I’m afraid this is a bit true, like for several webmasters and bloggers), joining an excellent double page (my favorite picture of the book) and removing the blank in the middle.

A last detail I appreciated, the characters have a very spontaneous nature, with no second or masked thoughts. It felt so fresh ! ^^

The artist is named Kogure Mariko, however he is more well-known under another of his pen names, James Hotate. It was just a strong suspicion until Afro Thunda checked the artist’s website for the official confirmation, so : thank you very much, Afro Thunda ! :)
By James Hotate, I also share The Day The Earth Stood Still

english hentai english hentai english hentai

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english hentai english hentai english hentai

One remark about the “incest” categorization, it must be 3 chapters only.

Actually, there’s one thing I’d reproach to the artist, the fact that he regularly draws women in a sexual position giving the impression they have a too large belly. I know, that’s a silly criticism, especially from a man loving women with meat on their bones, but still…

Oh, just a few bonuses, I particularly LOVED the way the faces were drawn, here are a few examples I kept for memory :)


Impossible to say no.

handsome guy !





Where can we sign up for incest, already ?

Where do we sign up for incest, please ?


Look at me in the eyes. I said : the eyes.



The importance of being earnest.

That earnest look, d'oh

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