That picture spectacularly aroused me :3

Oh boy, these days, the excellent hentai releases keep piling up ^_^
Koibito Rule is a GREAT manga, full of good surprises !
Graphically, this is very good too, the women’s nice bodies, most of them voluptuous, the nicely shaped muscles of the men (this is so rare !), occasional hilarious caricatural drawings… All WORLD CLASS hentai materials :) And the stories, HNNNNG ! :twisted:

By the same artist, I also share Round 3, and (included with other works now belonging to the present share) Zeon De Gouf Gouf.

Scenario-wise, each chapter is a single story, and usually the stories are VERY original, funny, either highly unusual or very nicely written ! My personal favorite is the Bukkake Manager story, I literally howled with laughter when I read that one ^_^ I must highlight the witty, killer dialogues ( Do you really think one cock can turn me on ? If you want me to blog you, grow another one. )
The women usually take the initiative and most of the time keep control all along, they have teasing, tantalizing, hypnotizing eyes, watching us from above with a definitive feeling of irresistible superiority… Wow :shock:

I don’t know who should be credited for all the chapters. Regarding the few chapters for which I had credits, thanks a LOT to LD, Penelopesays, Morning Star, Ziggy, Tyaeth, Arunin and Panzuriel from Soba Scans !

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