so much vanilla, I risk cavities

Aw, I love that manga =)
From beginning to end, this is only wonderful happy sex with love, all along ! Sometimes the boys are a bit overteasing, sometimes this is straight uncomplicated vanilla, and at times, the artist shows outbursts of genious with stories becoming wonderful thanks to an apparently small idea (like the two chapters in which a girl speaks with a very small voice, silent sex, oh boy that was awesome) or because they depict in a moving way the beginning of adult love (like the final chapter)…
As for the drawings, they are excellent, very hardcore, with little or bearable censorship, and the girls are cute :) We’re shown “usual” sex, oral, and vaginal in standard positions.

By all means, I very STRONGLY recommend you this manga, I hope you’ll love it too :)

By Lunch, also known as TNC, I also share First Time Last Time, Onsen Tamamagoto, Hibi No Itonami (The Life Of A Shameless Beauty), Motto More Mao, Fourteen Plus (uncensoredversion), The Beast And…, and Monopoly Kiss.
Some of my previous TNC/Lunch shares have been reprinted for this tankoubon (if needed : here’s a definition of tank), these are : Toriko Voice 1-2, Shochu Kaikai, Keikou Filter and Onsen Satisfaction.

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