This manga made me all soft and warm inside

This manga made me all soft, and warm, and happy, so thanks, oh so many thanks, to Cire, Desu and Setebos :)

hypocritical warning, there won’t be tentacles, rape, mind-breaking, toddlercon or other typical hentai activities. Just adults in wonderful love :)

Please, don’t let the censored drawings stop you, this manga is full of awesomeness. The girls are SUPER cute with very expressive finely drawn faces, with hot bodies.

And the tstories, the stories ! They all follow the same idea : we’re stronger and happier when we’re not alone, and sex feels so much better when it’s not the simple satisfaction of body urges, but the union between two souls in love with each other. The characters in this manga very often express their love with words, attentions for the partner. I know in my skin how much that can be true, so, reading a manga based on this… words can’t express how lovely it is to read it :)

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