I found this work to be VERY fun :)

Heyyyy ! O_o :shock:
I didn’t expect it, it turns out ot be a really interesting story O_o

The male hero has a sort of “cursed birthmark”, a special drawing on his butt, that makes any woman seeing it want to have sex with him or fall in love with him. When I read the summary, I imagined sevel volumes full of slave training, with a douchebag of a male character enjoying breaking women into sexual objects. I was SO wrong ! :D
The male hero is in love, he refuses to use that power because it would be cheating, he cares about sex with love otherwise it’s not what he wants to do of his first time… Besides, isn’t it bad if other women see it by accident, they have their own lives and people they like, how to deal with the sudden confusion in their minds ? And could this be used by other persons as well ? I didn’t se it coming, but interesting plots came out of this setup !

There are genuinely saddenic moments, several comic relief times, plot twists, we’re left hanging with a strong cliffhanger…
This is really interesting, I’m both glad and surprised :shock:

Credits and well-deserved thanks are due to Hobo-1 and Prozess with Knightkeb’s help, great job, guys ! :D
I’ve been preparing that share since yesterday, reading it took a long time but I don’t regret a minute of it, I hope you’ll enjoy this, really, the ero contents are rare and quite tame, but the scenario is definitely worth it !

Volume 1 : gallery or backup gallery
Volume 2 : gallery or backup gallery
Volume 3 : gallery or backup gallery
Volume 4 : gallery or backup gallery
Volume 5 : gallery or backup gallery
Volume 6 : gallery or backup gallery
Volume 7 : gallery or backup gallery

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