One of the most beautiful things to enjoy watching as a man

A girl welcomes her boyfriend at home, and after some mild cuteness, sex begins. Wow.
I have mixed feelings towards this manga. If the mangaka had not been Reak, I would have called it “pretty good stuff, easy for a quick fap, with enough cuteness for simply enjoying the read when you’re not driven by strong urges”.
But, fact is, coming from the artist Reak, I was expecting better than that, more masterful drawings, more intense sex, I started with a super broad smile and ended with a feeling of disappointment…

Oh well, as always, it’s up to you, I’ll be curious to see if you guys like it or not, and thanks a lot to QC, Trolling and Edmx, from the Genesis Team :)
(Funny note, the artist gave the name “takto” to the male MC – however, Takto is also aother of the artist’s pen names ^^)

By the same artist, I also share Virtual Sweet hearts, followed by Isshoukenmei Na Kimi Ga Suki and a pack of two works, Koi No Mahou Ha Jitsuryoku Koushi (“Love Magic Makes Her Daring”) + Tokubetsu Na Kimi Ni Ai No Te Wo, and Reikan Shoujo To Himitsu No Gishiki.

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