I really wonder who was the translator.

Overall, I have mostly positive feelings for this manga. I’ll throw various notes…

The women have large breasts, a considerable hips to waist ratio, elaborate hairstyle, they wear daring underwear, very mini skirts of jumpers, and – must I highlight they’re not the smartest of all – they’re put in situations in which their overflowing libido can be satisfied after a brief moment of resistance.
Graphically, these are excessive drawings of oral/paizuri/vaginal/anal action. There’s no scenario at all, each chapter’s a different story, and, lastly, the translation is weird, my bullshit radar kept ringing every few pages.

That’s not an overenthusiastic description I wrote, did I ? ^^ And yet, these are still 175 pages with tons of sex, I hope it may please a good number of you guys ;)
Credits are for GreyFox and Tenchi20 (from hentaiknight.com), thank you ! :)

By the same artist, I also share Hole Family.

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