don't dream, you won't see this in the real world ;)

I have really mixed feelings towards this one…

On the negative side, this manga is based on a fucked up scenario as I deeply hate them : a calculator, untrustworthy, manipulative, smart and handsome guy toying with the minds of a group of girls to turn them into sex slaves and destroy their sense of dignity.

On the positive side, this manga really contains great drawings, highly unusual but very appealing. A strange way to draw eyes, faces and breasts, liberal freedom taken with the hips, this is really pleasant for the eye.

My usual conclusion : see for yourselves ! ;)

The artist behind this, Yumisuke Kotoyoshi, has also made splendid works like Juicy Fruits [English, 188 pictures] and Midara [English, 182 pictures] or Glamorous 6.
(to be frank, I prefer these other works to Mitsunyuu)

english hentai english hentai english hentai

Read the rest of : Kumikyoku Mitsunyuu [English, Complete, 213 pictures], by Yumisuke Kotoyoshi (72 words)