Girls... Did you even TRY having sex with your husbands ?

No, really… What could I say… Yeah, good, right, this is a complete manga, with only one shota chapter, the rest being between fully consenting adults. Good. Okay for that.

Frankly, for the quality this is, even when it’s 181 pages long, I felt the manga was damn too heavy, with its 130 MB size, so I recompressed it (as always, without a loss visible to the naked eye !), and I can offer you an alternative Zip version, only 58 MB large.

My impression isn’t great, the scenario is flat and tasteless (bored sexless neglected housewives whoring themselves for money and because they need more sex), the drawings are just above average, the women are idiots who never thought about taking the pill, there are too many X-rays and the mangaka urgently needs to follow an anatomy course, female internal genitalia just don’t behave like that.

So, yeah, I can’t pretend I’m too thrilled. A full tank is a full tank, it’s good, but we didn’t make it to the awesomesphere today.
Thanks to Aridchimp for this release ! :) Side note, this isn’t a scanlation as we usually know this, this time the person who did it used, apparently, a sort of robot translator. That means lesser quality dialogues even though the actual meaning is preserved.

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And if 130 MB is too much for you, I also made for you a recompressed version, only 58 MB instead :)
Recompressed mirror : Zip link #1 – or – Zip link #2 – or – Zip link #3