Good perspective, huh ?

I have two reasons to share this work.
First, the drawings are nice, and better now that they’ve been decensored.
Second, the story is ironically funny, the scenario being the epitome of how cliché and empty (you brother, me sister, UNGAH ! – no kidding) incest mangas tend to be :D

Still, thanks to Desu and H9E, I had a – crual, but still – laugh while reading it ^^

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I’d like to ask a question to the native English-speakers, there is a word in my language for which I found no translation… This is the kind of humour regarding something that is not natively funny, the humour that comes when you chose to have a different point of view on the matter…
Here, for instance, I found this story very funny, precisely because it was absolutely flat and technically uninteresting, this was so much “too much”, that it became funny…
Finding something very serious funny when you decide to have another point of view…
I don’t know if you see the idea behind this type of humour, throw the suggestions at least ? ;)