I LOVE a face like that during a blowjob

<– I just LOVE that look on women’s face during a blowjob, a mix of concentration, pleasure and, how to say it, “devotion”, when it’s Hiroshi Itaba drawing the picture :twisted:

*Ahem.* So, with a ton of thanks to Setebos, Brolen and Makasu for this nice new release, one day after Nettai Ya (funnily, it was fortuitous), here’s a nice fresh story.
I must warn you, this story is shocking. This is about a fresh young housewife, burning with desire. Her husband, because of work, can’t spend every night and every day having sex with her. And YOU KNOW WHAT ? She doesn’t even commit adultery with every male within a 15 kilometer radius !! :mad: Instead, she simply waits for him in order to have great sex when he’s finally available :roll:
Oh well, who knows, maybe you’ll still like it, so I still share it :lol:

By Hiroshi Itaba, I also share No Make Girl [English]

english hentai english hentai english hentai

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About my sarcastic description : obviously if you’ve grown to knowing me, I prefer it that way. But I can’t shake off the fear the continuation, when it comes, might turn NTR-ish. Knock wood and wait for the next publications :|