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Happy sex fans, rejoice ! Gynecologically extremely realistic detailed drawings fans, rejoice ! NTR haters, rejoice !
Here’s the second (and final ?) part of Late Marriage life, an EXCELLENT work by Itaba Hiroshi :D

The scenario is exceedingly simple : husband loves wife, wife loves husband, they have tons of happy sex. It’s intense, full with love, a tiny bit of humour, and it’s pure gold :)

By Hiroshi Itaba, I also share Nettai Ya (damn good, with the chapters 1-2 uncensored !) and No Make Girl. Once again, my dear thanks go to Setebos, Brolen and Makasu ^_^

english hentai english hentai english hentai

english hentai english hentai english hentai

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If you’ll allow me a remark… The husband is a hard worker, he’s too tired because of work to have sex a gazillion times per night every night in the month, sometimes he won’t be able to come home and will sleep at a hotel next to work…
And, most incredibly, his wife won’t cheat on him with every male within a 15-kilometers radius ! Crazy, huh ?

It feels really good to read a manga like that :)