Another full tank by Amatarou, FUCK YEAH !! :D

This is not everyday that you can find a new complete tank by Amatarou, don’t you think ? ;)

With over nine thousand thanks to YQII, PR, Kaya, Anti-Aging Anon and Raikoh, here is Lesson To You, a delicious delicacy by one of my favorite artists, Amatarou :)
A lot of people worked on it, and YQII, besides his work, re-collected everything and him and Anti-Aging Anon re-made the chapters 5-6-8-9 with better tank scans, bless him.

Happy Lesson, in two words ? PURE GOLD ! :D

There is GREAT humour, all along, with crazy characters (the weirdo group – bikini girl + antlers monk + roswell alien – was something I won’t forget), a girl strongly remindind me of Poko in the first half of the manga.
Scenario-wise, the manga is divided in two, first a large arc, followed by several chapters with their own story for each of them. Every scenario was cute and positive, mixing love, romance and sex.
And, graphically, the drawings are as good as ever with Amatarou :) He even drew a small-chested girl, what a shock ! Sadly, there is more “white space” censorship than usually, that might be the only downside to mention.

All the chapters were damn good, this is REALLY a highly recommended share, go for it, guys ! :D

(For much more stuff by this artist, cf. The list of Amatarouโ€™s works)

english hentai english hentai english hentai

Just a remark : yes, I was already sharing something called Lesson To You, by Amatarou. This was the first arc of the manga. Now, it’s the full tank ;)

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english hentai english hentai english hentai

Just a fake bonus, another of these dreaded quadruple tits attacks, watch out !