Let’s Play With Koikeda-San chapters 1-7 [English], by Tatsuya Mitamori

Play With Me Shorty

With a LOT of thanks to Setebos, here is his first commission ever – updated with new chapters :D

The beginning was known as “Play with me shorty”, it might ring a bell ? This story contains very hard sex, but it is never unpleasant, never forced, and never nasty (no mind-breaking and other sick shit). Anal, vaginal, bits of oral, this is a hardcore love story, to summarize :)
I definitely recommend you that one :twisted:

A memory had been bugging me, but at last I finally recalled it, the heroine funnily reminded me of a character from an old shonen manga that’s been recently scanlated, Ghost Sweeper Mikami (cf that illustration) ^^

english hentai english hentai english hentai

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One last remark, I first saw this manga when it was published in an untranslated version in the newsgroups, eons ago, and I had one of its pictures burned in memory, that one :

english hentai

Even today, this picture is enough to make my day :twisted:

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