This picture is called cocktease.jpg, and I will say no more.

Haaa, Yuki Seto, toying with our feelings like that ! Must we bless him, hate him, or both ? :D

The story is well thought in that share, so if you’ll allow me, I’ll refrain from risking to spoil you. If you can, please don’t even read the dialogues in the preview pics, rather than that, read it from the first pic and onwards. At least, I can assure you there is no netorare and no mindbreak, nothing sick or “too” abnormal.

There’s a lot of blowjobs, and some vaginal sex, plus some teasing. I definitely recommend that one to everyone :)
And thanks to whoever was behind this release :)

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SPOILER WARNING : only read this if you finished reading Level C, okay ?
Highlight with your mouse the line below for my spoiler :
[Seriously, dude, just grow some fucking balls, whip out your dick and JOIN THE PARTY !!! She wouldn’t tease you like that if she didn’t want your dick too !]
/End of spoiler.