Oh, that delicious moment, just before penetration !!!

I recommend this great manga to everyone :)

Most of the female characters (heck, even the males) were engaging, you couldn’t help being taken in the flow, feeling absorbed in the happy sex stories, laughing with the characters, being aroused with them too… Even if some stories lacked originality, there were always good ideas, good sex, good-looking slender girls (from higschool girls to adults around 25), it felt GOOD to read it ! :D

The manga was translated by my dear Mumei, helped by Ghost, Reaper and Hentai Gnome, from Mumei Translations (including the additional bonus chapter, Release Special, I added it to my Zip even though it was published separately from the tank), save the final chapter 12, done by Saha. Thank you very much, to you all :)
Minor bonuses, two pictures of this manga gave me a strong “oh, exploitable !” feeling, if you like them, who knows ^^ Picture 1, picture 2.

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