I think it's really fortunately I was born an only son, without a sister

Oh, fuck, that was incredibly arousing !! :shock:

A younger sister, cute, lovely, discovers her older brother’s porn DVD and watches a fellatio. Her ero switch is activated. She wants to suck on her brother’s dick. Heroically, he manages to resist her during two minutes (maybe one). And the rest is several fellatio shots, worth gold, the sister has an incredibly arousing face and her half or totally naked body is equally arousing, seriously go for it, this is great :woot:

A good thing, when this is an artist that you know very well like Yuzuki N Dash, at this point, anyone into wanking or schlicking could very easily imagine a continuation not stopping with the fellatio, I know I did :3
I don’t know who’s to thank for this, but, really, if “you” read this, THANK YOU !! :twisted:

My hentai geek note : I performed a small cleaning on the pictures, they were unsatisfactory. As of usual, here’s a Before / After comparison :)

(MOAR ! For more works, Cf. The List of Yuzuki Ns Works on Hentairules)

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