Have you ever seen a demon girl uninterested in sex ? I thought so ;)

Here’s some ecchi goodness, brought to you by RC Translations, all my thanks to them, it must have been a lot of work, I’m impressed :shock:

I may as well warn you right now : Love And Devil is an ecchi, not an hentai manga (if you’re in doubt, cf the Glossary). But believe me, it is still worth reading, the manga is very funny, with comical situations and hopeless funny characters :D The most hopeless character is the obsessed character, but the murderous tsundere brunette (halfway between the heroine of Ojiichan Wa Shounen Tantei and Kaori from City Hunter) and the weird devil girl aren’t bad either ^^

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Just a remark, if you’re disappointed by the devil girl’s petite body, there is one chapter in which she magically boosts her body proportions to look like a full-grown pretty well-endowed adult :twisted: