Every chapter had an interesting story, that's impressive in itself.

Frankly, even for a complete manga, I thought that 304 MB was a tad too much, I recompressed it to 195 MB, and you shouldn’t be able to tell the difference with the naked eye :)
Now, let’s move on to a description, shall we ?

It’s a roller coaster : flying high in heavenly vanilla, falling low in destruction netorare, rising again to vanilla, speednig up, slowing down… :shock:

This manga contains AWESOME drawings (extremely lustful faces, blushing la Homunculus, nice slim bodies with firm tits and curved backs, rather good looking males), enough to make a Saint horny, while the stories (each chapter is a different story) are a mix of several different “niches”, I doubt more than a few of you, out there, will be able to fully love the whole manga :shock:
Me, basically, I liked two thirds of it. I must highlight, most of the chapters display VERY original storylines, it’s a pleasure to read hentai stories that you haven’t see a hundred times already ! The pseudo-incest chapter litterally blew my mind O_O And when Yoshiura Kazuya wants to make a chapter humorous (just a few chapters), it’s damn fun :D

Two of the chapters used to be shared as standalone works : My Mai Crisis, and Little Problem. No, frankly, go for it, this manga is good :twisted:

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