The second half of the manga was a terrible let down

The first half of the manga is the story of a futa girl who, after meeting some obstacles, finally finds love and sexual happiness without resorting to being mindbroken.

Unless you object to futa, all in all, it’s good, that first half.

However, the second half is, well, half-baked shitty stories (one story per chapter) featuring worthless braindead cumdumps women having sex that feels good despite them being treated like shit. That second half was really lame >_<
Graphically, there’s plenty of plentiful women between 16 and 30 I’d say, with tolerable thick but not long single black bar censorship.
This manga was barely above average in my opinion, but, well, see for yourselves, at least it’s a complete volume :o

Credits and thanks for all the work are for Randomguy664 and Saha for the first half, and Afro Thunda and Nemui for the second half.

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