Haaa, that sweet feeling when I read a Pon Takahanada manga ^^
There are sweet caring feelings, the girl and boy (it’s always around a young adults couple’s circumstances) have their own realistic and interesting characters (something more rare than I’d like to reckon), and the drawings (the girl is the “candid slutty” type, there is regrettably white hole censorshipo) are a pleasure to the eye :)

In Love Gome, to my delightful surprise, it was the GIRL who was doing all the work, the sexual advances, the best initiatives, she was also bringing the most unexpected out-of-character comic relief attitudes. On the other hand, the guy was, well, playing the “straight guy” figure if you’re familiar with Japanese humour (and if you already know Gintama, have a good time re-reading their best straight man chapter ^^;;). This was unexpected, and pleasant !

Thanks a LOT to the admin of CowsRKool, helped by Kevadu ! GO COWS !!

By Pon Takahanada, I also share An Angels Marshmallow Volume 1 (I’m late with the volume 2, more chapters were released), and also Pythagoras Bitch, Blind Love Susume, Like A Rat [English, not his best], a Japanese mega pack, and another japanese manga. FYI, I fixed the links to the English volumes.

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