Love Hiyori chapter 1 [English, Uncensored], by Kusui Aruta

oh BOY, I love it so much =)

* Glittering eyes T_T *

Oh boy, Love Hiyori feels so good, in comparison to my previous share ! I feel like a starving man offered a royal feast, like a pennyless otaku offered VIP comicket entries, so, my big thanks to LD, Ziggy and Panzuriel from Soba Scans :)

With “generous” drawings full with positive energy, here is a happy sex story, with humour, loveable male and female characters, and excellent drawings – and it’s uncensored, the icing on the cake !
Side note : I’m 90% sure the artist, Kusui Aruta, has been previously known as Rego Yokoi, Unagimaru and Onomatopeia, take a look at Patchwork [English, 197 pictures] and tell me if you also think it’s the same person holding the drawing pen…

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