It's cute. It's hardcore. It's uncensored. Is it christmas ? ;)

With a LOT of thanks to LD, Ziggy and Paizuriel from Soba Scans, here is another chapter of a damn good manga, Love Hiyori :)

The scenarii aren’t super-original, but they manage to add a bit of spice and lovelyness, and the drawings are good, uncensored, happy sex as I’d like to see more :D

Side note : I’m 90% sure the artist, Kusui Aruta, has been previously known as Rego Yokoi and Onomatopeia, take a look at Patchwork [English, 197 pictures] and tell me if you also think it’s the same person holding the drawing pen…

english hentai english hentai english hentai

Another note, 2.5 months ago, I shared the chapter 1 of this manga. If you downloaded this one, and you only want the new part, the chapter 2, you can use these links : chapter 2 link #1 – or – link #2 (6 MB, 17 pictures, English)

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