Lots of balls. Normal, this is a baseball team. *cough*

Frankly, this story is either full of fuck, or straight garbage. But, damn, the art is super hot :shock:
In short, we’ve got an innocent girl in love with the female student council prez, the female student council prez who’s a wicked whore, and the male student council members who’re alien to morality and have a big dick. Mix the ingredients, shake it, enjoy your hentai cocktail. And it even manages to reach a happy ending, somehow.

I shared Love Letter 7 months ago, repacked with 3 other things.
Today, the sequel to Love Letter, “Conclusion”, came.
I retouched the first Love Letter while I was at it (I forgot to make a before/after pic : I removed the ugly spotty paper artefacts and slightly levelled it), and repacked it with the sequel.

Credits are for Cgrascal, thank you !
By Erect Sawaru, I also share Seme Chichi (187 pictures), Rec chapters 1-3 (complete), Sweater Oppai + Sailor Oppai + Ofuro De Oppai, and Mugippai.

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