I can't get enough of that :)

Wow, talk about a shock. Without expecting it at all, I find that a new complete manga by Kensoh Ogawa has been scanlated :shock: So there you are, with the complete version of Love Me Do, enjoy ! ^_^ My big thanks go to Fayt, Brolen, “We Will Hentai You” Setebos, and Imari :)

Save two chapters that had been translated previously (Distance Love and Waiting In The Library), it is brand new. This is “usual” Kensoh Ogawa quality : teens having happy sex, either in love or falling in love, breasts ranging from average to « titty alien », the girls are well drawn and the males have a personality and a well-drawn body (that’s rare enough to be highlighted). Out of the usual : a loli blonde with pigtails in swimsuit and bloomers (sigh…), a few peeing shots – and no anal, sob. And the manga is made of short works without thrilling scenarii – at least, they don’t bore the reader to death.
All in all, this made a GREAT reading session, I definitely recommend you this hentai manga :)

(I share MUCH more stuff by this artist, Cf. The list of Kensoh Ogawa”s works)

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