Blindfold sex must be cool, I'll have to try that ;)

Quotation from this manga : « Sex !  I’m having sex ! <3 I’m being forced to have SEEEEEEX !! <3 <3 ». Conclusion : false hentai rape is simply out of this world :D

Love Nature is the story of a teacher who, at last, finds a partner accepting her true (slutty, should I even precise it ?) nature. A great idea, that woman masturbates herself with her phone’s buzzer, also using her phone to record herself, and she lets behind her the phone’s memory card, so that the registering of her moans will be available for the anons finding it. Just cool :D

PS : blindfolded sex RULES, I should try that :lol:

By Polinky, I also share Onna Kyoushi Ryoko, a complete untranslated (alas) h-manga.
UPDATE : I commissioned the translation of the first chapter of this manga, take a look ;)

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Read the rest of : Love Nature [English], by Polinky (137 words)