Too bad it's hentai rape, the art is damn great !

To say it simply, as long as you can bear hentai rape, the drawings are simply excellent, very hardcore, great groupsex on a heroine progressively loving a lot to be gangbanged ! :shock:

Apart from that, there’s not much of a scenario to comment anyway, so it will basically depend on your taste for the drawings and your tolerance to the hentai rape theme :)
Thanks a lot to Yuribou !

I share better works by this artist, Umekichi, longer and occasionally more pleasant scenario-wise. Graphically, they’re a just a tiny bit less “energetic”, but still plenty hardcore for the eye searching good action :D These two other works are The Prized Masochist (a bit more than half of it is still hentai rape, it’s a full tank) and Sister Life (happy wincest).

english hentai english hentai english hentai

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