M stands for maso. Moar.

Oh maaan, this one’s one of the oldest, most classical hentai works I know of. I suppose I should say this manga is unfappable to, but I must confess I discovered it as a young adult living alone, and, erm, OK, I used this manga as if I was going to die. There are reasons, besides the twisted story and lack of actual vaginal sex, it’s Masakazu Katsura holding the drawing pen, and this artist is a .real. genious !

english hentai english hentai english hentai

Masakazu Katsura has been drawing seinen, shonen and ecchi mainstream mangas for a long time, and his drawing talent is really top notch, even when he’s drawing a delicious teen girl’s butt. As a teenager, I remember being violently moved by the splendid Video Girl Ai story, haaa, memories ~~~ While many scenes in his mangas can be safely called erotic materials, only “M” has been officially published as a hentai work.

There are many things I would like to write about this manga, but all of them would end up in spoiling you the story’s interest. So, I’ll painfully keep my mouth shut and let you read ;)
Credits are for Team M and Swistak (Japanese to French translation), Xavier (telling me M was available in English, suggesting that I should share it !) and Farmboy, Gene and the Manga-Underground.org (now mydailymanga.com/ , could I have been YEARS behind in sharing this ? ^^) people for the French-to-English version :)

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If you really want some other hentai stuff by Masakazu Katsura, there’s this chapter of Zetman, but it’s a nasty chapter when you look at it more closely.