The dafuq factor. I love the names I give to my pictures ^^

This quotation of the main character sums M7 the best :D However, please don’t run away, the manga is not as bad as the cover would make us think.
Well, there IS a large majority of super huge insertions with grotesque (not guro, but sometimes uglily extreme) tentacular activity from blatantly non-human things, right, sorry. But there’s also “regular” sex, bathos characters (when everything about them is dead serious even though they’re excessively ridiculous and not convincing at all, it becomes delightfully funny), and, to my surprise, a scenario that isn’t trash O_o
Visual Kei + humans + semihumans + electro + tons of sex + tentacles + the dafuq factor. Really :lol:

I didn’t pick the tentacle images for the previews of course, if you’re into that fetish, you don’t even need a recommendation, lol.
Enjoy if that’s to your taste, give it a chance if you’re in a gambling mood, move on otherwise, and enjoy whatever you want anyway ^^
And my gratitude goes to the persons behind this release, however, I have no idea who it was…

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