Gunma Kisaragi RULES, fuck yeah !! ^_^

Today is a great day, thanks to Saha, I can share the complete Tankoubon version of Mai Favorite, by Gunma Kisaragi :)

The “tankoubon” term (meaning officially published comic, and not the prepublications) implies the pictures are of much better quality than the magazine versions previously available, and contain less censorship :twisted:

In Mai Favorite, you’re going to see lots of maids and one swimsuit scene. If you take the time to read the dialogues (*cough*), there’s a bit of a weak scenario revolving around master-maid relations in an unfair world. The best and main point of Mai Favorite is the awesome drawings, showing various girls in excellent outfits (or without them of course), having sex in various positions and combos. There is only one anal and swimsuit scene, that might be my only regret ;)

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Read the rest of : Mai Favorite, Complete Tankoubon version [English, 155 pictures, better picture quality and less censorship], by Gunma Kisaragi (159 words)