Maka Maka has been reuploaded

Maka Maka

Still going back in time, I’m fixing old posts whose links are dead. To my great pleasure, it was Maka Maka’s turn. If you didn’t read it yet, believe me, you OUGHT to leech it, this is the most sensible and wonderful yuri (lesbian) english hentai manga I have EVER read :)

Click here to read it and download it :)

No relation whatsoever, but I’m trying a new captcha system against the fokking spam bots trying to add hundreds of shitty fake comments per day. If it doesn’t work for you, please tell me through the Contact page :o

No relation whatsoever, bis, a visitor told me that it’s been 2-3 weeks every of the pictures I link on hentaiweblog (galleries and previews) are, for unknown reasons, redirected to another advert page. Do you guys also have that problem ??? o_O

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