A mole, a reason for sex ?!?

Thanks to Yoroshii, Fated Circle and Shinkage, here’s the complete version of a manga almost entirely based on incest : there are three non-incest stories inside this one, four if you don’t count a stepmother as a real relative :o

Graphically, this is rather mainstream and likely to please a good number of you all, on the other side of the connexion, browsing the site with one hand.
Scenario-wise, well, incest is heavy curse, but the artist seems to have made commendable efforts to free himself from the clichés coming with incest. Most of the time, Tange Suzuki’s efforts failed at that, but some really original chapters remained, especially the one in which God sends a young man a text message on his cellphone to say he can have sex with the woman next to him. Kickass, God ! :D

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