Mamma Mia [English, 182 pictures, Complete], by Ran Hyriu

Where dit that girl hide her tits before ???

This manga is a huge mess ! There’s some great stuff, some “yikes” stuff. Graphically, it’s mostly MILF sex, but there’s also some highschool girl and, sadly, three loli and two shota chapters – because of these latter ones I seriously considered just dropping this manga as a bad job, and giving up on sharing it.

Scenario-wise, there’s some brainless fap’n’go, some happy sex with love, or without, but also some proto-mindbreak, and an occasional bitter-sweet feeling along the “what a fucking shitty life !” lines making me sometimes uncomfortable.
Reading these lines again, it looks like I’m trying to discourage everyone from reading Mamma Mia, lol. You’re adults, so see for yourselves, OK ? :)

My thanks are for Yoroshii, Eskimobob19 and my dear Ehud :)

By Ran Hiryu, I also share Inyuuzuma No Soto, Mamama , Karma, and Ha-Ha.

english hentai english hentai english hentai

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