There IS one censorship bar. But it isn't easy to find :D I love mangas like that ^^d

Errr… Oh Jebus, lend me strength, how could I describe this manga ??
Monster girls (monsters because they have very rare unhuman traits, like small horns…) are fond of some random hentai Joe, because he’s actually Satan even if he didn’t know about it. So, they have sex with him and compete for his affection (and his dick). New girls pop up fast (8 girls in total, one futa), always leading to more sex.
Graphically, this is close to being VERY good, with good vaginal and anal sex, and rare DPs, plus a bit of oral and rimjobs. The censorship is almost invisible, the action is full of energy, the girls are passionate and show it… Good stuff :D

And you know what ? This manga actually came as a good surprise ! The artist is inserting as many humour relief panels as he can, carefree displays of the side characters, sarcastic remarks. And the ending is much cuter and better than I thought, I definitely won’t call the scenario a Hentai Achievement To Be Remembered, but it still managed to bring closure in a successful way :)

This fine share is brought to us by Desu, Afro Thunda and DarkFire, thank you so much ! :) DarkFire also announced this would be his last commission : seeing the moutain of GREAT stuff he commissioned, I’m lacking words to express my gratitude to him, huge props to him :shock: !

By Utamaro, I also share Muramura Diary and the Uncensored version of Amamai After Story :)

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