Preparing this pack took me quite a long time, but spread over a looong time. I hope it may please a few of you :)

I’ve been slowly preparing this pack over the last weeks, thinking I should share a Motchie pack, when my mood will be set on it. And, just today, two new Motchie Kingdom volumes were released : let’s take it as a green light, let’s add these two volumes and upload it :D

That’s a MASSIVE pack of 16 English-translated volumes, 532 pictures.
The pack’s size is 302 MB, but I also offer a 133 MB recompressed version.
(Just scroll down for the list of all these 16 volumes)

Motchie Kingdom’s forte is MILF-looking women, most of them anime heroines, having happy kinky sex. Mostly vaginal, a bit of anal, oral, paizuri – the usual ! ^^

It took me a while to figure it out, but Mocchi, who made DV (181 pictures, Uncensored) = Motchie Kingdom O_o I didn’t include DV in the present pack, let’s keep them separated, it makes for smaller archives, and it’s not the same pen name :o

So, here is the list of the works present in this pack.
3 or 4 of them were already shared on, but with most or all of their links dead, anyway.

– Cosplay Sichae
– Gekkan Jokanchou
– Let’s Have Sex With Nee-san
– Tsumamigui Shitekudasai
– Tsumamigui Shitehoshii No
– Niichan Ni Nara Nani Wo Saretemo Kamawanaiyo
– Haru Ichiban
– Pretty Misa Vol 1 c1-4

– Rei joku
– Ero Quest
– Pink Lagoon 001
– Pink Lagoon 002
– Pink Lagoon 003
– Pink Lagoon EX
– Kunoichi Jigokuhen R-31
– Tsumi To Batsu

And, with so many pictures in total, I split it all in 3 galleries :
Main : Gallery #1 – and – Gallery #2 – and – Gallery #3
Backup : Gallery #1 – and – Gallery #2 – and – Gallery #3

Download the Free Hentai Pack in a Zip file
(302 MB, 532 pictures, English)
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Or you can also use the Alternative :
Zip Mirror #1 – or – Zip Mirror #2

And if you want a smaller version, from 302 MB to 133 MB, sure, go ahead :)
Two methods were used to make it, every image above 1600 px high was downsized to 1600 px high (so goodbye super high res images), and the too heavy images were recompressed without, as always, any loss that would be visible to the naked eye.
Please note, I also used that smaller version for my image galleries.
Mirror #1 – or – Mirror #2 – or – Mirror #3