Too bad half of it is rape and mind break, be careful !

Heyyyy, finally, this manga’s got good points ! O_o :shock:
You see, I got the wrong impression on this manga, only opening the worst images as preview pics, and the final touch was when Fuke published the final chapter and issued a loli warning, I had my opinion set, this manga would be outside of my tastes and sharing it on Hentaiweblog wouldn’t be a priority.
One day later, I thought I should still read it… And, hey, there’s plenty of good parts ! :D
(More precisely, 4 happy sex chapters, one tentacle sex chapter but with a really neat and cute ending, 5 hentai rape + mindbreak chapters, and a final loli chapter – some chapters being a bit of it all in various combos)

OK, the drawing style won’t please everyone, it is excessive in nearly all regards (huge tits, too thin or too large hips, massive dilatations, hosepipe-class creampies, etcetera), but there’s a good deal of happy sex, some panels are really good to the eye, and in every happy sex chapter there’s always a delicious sense of humour to make the stories (each chapter’s a different story) enjoyable ! :)

I’ll leave the rest to you dear readers (why am I sharing complete pictures galleries, huh ? Don’t waste time downloading a Zip unless you know you’ll love it, haha), I hope it may be to your taste !
As for me, I think that massive THANKS to Fuke and Conan are an order :) This is Fuke’s first complete hentai manga, and also the first time he took a commissioned work, huge props to Fuke ! :)

By the same artist, I also share Muchiero, it’s more or less the same stuff.

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