I like a lot this picture, it is SO open to interpretation, calling to the imagination rather than just to the balls... (Reload the picture if it doesn't show !)

<– I like a LOT this picture, it’s calling to the imagination rather than to the balls, and – at least in my case – it ends up being much more arousing than another random hardcore picture :D
(Mind you, it’s not new, I prefer a well-draw face to a zillionth well-drawn doggy, it’s rarer and I guess it requires more talent !)

So, with my thanks to YQII for this new highly enjoyable share (and to Dark Knight for the chapters 2-5), here’s some Menkui for you, dear pervs :)

The artist, Tosh, also goes by the pen name Hikakuteki Simple na Panty, and under that name, you’ll find the very nice Nayamashi Quartette Volumes 1-3 (with the volumes 1-2 uncensored), as well as another average doujin.

english hentai english hentai english hentai

I share 2 zips. First the newly translated chapter 8. Second, a repack of the chapters 1-8.

Menkui chapter 8, newly translated

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Menkui chapters 1-8
(Everything available in English to this day)

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Download the Free Hentai Manga in a Zip file
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