Paizuri contest :D

Simple math question : what is the result of the sum of an average hentai male (meaning : big dick, inexhaustible semen production), of a shy-looking bold-inside girlfriend, of an audacious manipulative elder onee-chan, and of a tsundere younger onee-chan ?

The answer : Twenty million of new dead neurones, and an awesome reading session :D

Thanks a LOT to YQII who brought us a new Menkui chapter ^_^
Graphically, this is excellent (save a “lol wut ??” moment ^^), and scenario-wise, this is very cliché, but, well, it’s still better than nothing.

By Tosh, under the Hikakuteki Simple Na Panty pen name, I also share the very nice Nayamashi Quartette Volumes 1-3 (with the volumes 1-2 uncensored), as well as another average doujin. Oh, and there’s also Titties, Busts and (+Bigger) Racks.

english hentai english hentai english hentai

I share 2 zips. First the newly translated chapter 9. Second, a repack of the chapters 1-9.

Menkui chapter 9, newly translated

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(9 MB, 20 pictures, English)
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Menkui chapters 1-9
(Everything available in English to this day)

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Download the Free Hentai Manga in a Zip file
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