A surprising ending, really

Look, I’ll make a very straightforward precision : did you like the pictures ? Enough to use it as fapping material ? If it’s hot and usable, then so be it ?

But, if so, then, I recommend you have your fun while you’re reading the doujin for the first time, because the surprise ending will annihilate your boner more than your mother/wife/boss entering your room by surprise and throwing you a disgusted look. I’m not kidding.

Still, I definitely don’t complain, it gave me two reasons to love this manga, the hot drawings (loving the porn), and the surprising scenario (loving a story in itself and for itself), bringing some fresh air. Sorry I can’t give you more details, but I’d be spoiling you the things that, precisely, make the manga interesting !
Thanks a LOT to Mtzy and KillerJR from Little White Butterflies :)

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