Sleazy, indeed

Two days ago, I shared Midnight Sleazy Train and New Midnight Sleazy Train, however the videos for the first season weren’t top-notch. They had saturated french audio, without subs.

With a bit of help from everyone (thanks !), I managed to get better versions, I just updated my post with the new versions :)

The new versions of Midnight Sleazy Train now have proper japanese audio with english subtitles, and I have the impression the video quality is abso better than previously, it’s all gain :)

For the moment there’s only Hotfile links, I’ll add more mirrors tomorrow (hey, my days only last 24 hours, and I don’t spend two hours per day on Hentairules, you know :D ).

To save you some time, if you like :
Episode 1Episode 2Episode 3
And for the screenshots, streaming previews, etcetera, please visit :
the Midnight Sleazy Train page :)