don't do that to your real life teachers, OK ?

Setebos is on a rampage, commissioning all around good hentai stuff, I hope you guys remember to add a thank to him, he deserves it, thanks for this new choice, man ! ^^

I packed in a single zip file two new translations of mangas by Fuuga, but that’s not a random choice… Just like in other works by Fuuga, the characters in Teacher and Student and Sister and Brother are the same, and the two stories are interfering with each other, that’s very pleasant :)

Add to this the nice quality of Fuuga’s drawing style, his almost uncensored style, and that’s a great reading for you, I hope you’ll like it :twisted:

I don’t have enough time left to write a redirection page pointing to Fuuga’s works, I’ll do it in a dozen of hours, sorry guys ;) Fast copy and paste, I also share by Fuuga : Mako [English, 242 pictures] and Yuuwaku No Tobira [English, 201 pictures]

english hentai english hentai english hentai

Read the rest of : Mini Fuuga pack : Teacher And Student chapters 1-3 [English + Sister And Brother chapter 1 [English], a total of 137 pictures (107 words)