maybe the closes to hardcore I've seen among Kyo Hatsuki's works !

Let’s say it at once, Kudara Naizou and Kyo Hatsuki are one person – and a woman, at that -, it’s just two different pen names.

I hope that everyone knows already Kyo Hatsuki’s marvel, the Love Junkies serie (currently 6 full volumes are already translated, the 7th is in progress, and a shitload more volumes are waiting to be scanlated ! Everything I can share of it is on that page).
Well, I had another translated work by him, and Sling (thanks a lot !) just released another one :)
These two are a less censored than the Love Junkies serie, and they’re full with humour, it’s a pleasure to read them :)

english hentai english hentai english hentai

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