Now, this is quality hentai, I can’t find anything against this manga, even the censorship wasn’t too annoying ^_^

The drawings : AWESOME ! Ikegami Tatsuya had strong and quite unique idiosyncrasies in his previous works, while here, the weirdest and most unusual stuff is gone, his drawings really improved.
Scenario-wise : AWESOME ! Every chapter is a single story, and every time, this is excellent vanilla hentai ! With mutual love or mutual liking, with mutual care, with several heart-warming displays of affection, awww =)
Most stories are simplistic, and yet some chapters are VERY well-imagined and creative, some are deeper than it first looks (the “come as you are” one, I was fooled, twice, great job Ikegami Tatsuya !).

And, on top of all, it was SUPER FUN TO READ ! I spent a whole lot of time giggling, laughing, laughing out loud :D The “I’m stupid” chapter almost made me laugh until I cried, and the ending of the “Backhanded honesty” chapter was almost as great ^^;;
You want to feel good and reconciled with life ? Read this manga :twisted:

This GREAT share comes from Ackeejag and Ulricat, commissioned by Raikoh from Doujin-Moe.us, really, thank you ! :)
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By the same artist, I also share The Bag’s Contents (184 pictures) and Zona No Zurui

In case anyone didn’t see it, Hurp left an update on his latest audio post. Make sure you check it out if you like those things.

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