how could you refrain yourself and not be rough in such a position ??

The instant I saw the link to this in my inbox, I became berserk : OMFG, something in English by Mitsuya, yahaaaaa, BANZAI !!! :twisted:

This evening i’m a happy Oliver, it’s been five years I dreamt to see something by Mitsuya in English !
Happy leeching, you lucky folks :D

Frankly, I took five minutes to ponder the question, and I’m not capable to quote more than five hentai artists drawing female faces with so much talent, that would be Mitsuya’s #1 strong point, instant-boner female faces ;)
By Mitsuya – but in japanese – I also share Deru Deru Chichinesu, don’t miss it :)

english hentai english hentai english hentai

Read the rest of : Moe Chichi chapter 1 [English], by Mitsuya (72 words)