Maybe my favorite "old days" hentai mangaka :)

There we are, at last, here is the COMPLETE english-translated version of Ran Man (”In Full Bloom”), my favorite manga by Moe Kirara, and, to this day, the only fully uncensored hentai manga he ever made :D Additional bonus, this is entirely “happy sex” scenes !

I really hope you’ll like it, after all, I paid a fat dollars pack for the translation 8-)
In this regard, I must also thank Kusanyagi for this nice work, I commissioned him the translation :)

(For MUCH more stuff, Cf . the list of ALL my Moe Kirara shares.)

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Read the rest of : Moe Kirara, Ran Man, COMPLETE version [English, 206 pictures], + the two final chapters available in a separate Zip (243 words)