Graphically, very arousing. Too bad the scenario, is, "meh".

I wonder if this is a doujin parodiating something known elsewhere ? I have a vague dj-vu feeling…
Apart from this, Mojer Second is a somehow sad story, about a well-built sex-obsessed male high school student who has enslaved his mother and proceeds to enslaving too (sexually enslaving, through addiction to his necessarily godly cock, of course -_-) his female school friend.
This is sad, because sex without love, care or affection, as seen here, looks like a sad waste in my eyes, in the present story, like something wonderful degraded and made to fail to reach even a fraction of its true potential.

Graphically, I must reckon this is VERY good (nice asses, nice horny faces, and uncensored at that !), I think it should suit many of your tastes. Credits are for Sai, thank you ! :)
Just a note, the pictures were in annoyingly very dull and pale grey, I performed a levels correction, cf this before / after comparison.

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