Yay, Sameda Koban returns, and it's more hardcore than before ^_^

<– I prefer to be on top myself, or the spoons position (being below isn’t bad of course, but I always feel the sensations are less intense for me, to each his own tastes, right ?), but if a girl were to look at me like that, I’d be ready to “endure” it as long as she’d be wishing !

Really, I’m fond of Sameda Koban’s drawing style :D

The menu : happy sex, 2 girls so far, and light comedy !

By Sameda Koban, I also share Beastie Girls [English, 205 pictures], however, I can see there is going to be a sensible difference between Momozono Gakuen and Beastie girls. It seems this new manga is more hardcore and, while the scenario also brings a considerable value added, it is much more based on light comedy, inside a more developed storyline. I won’t complain :twisted:
My sincere gratitude goes to Eso, Shadow and Cyatomorrow of Red Comet, thanks for the great dope making our days easier to live :)

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